Pastors and Church Workers in Crisis

Pastors and Professional Church Workers in Crisis

Crisis in the life of clergy can result from a vast variety and combination of causes— family struggles, congregational politics, financial pressures, critical demands of self and others, and unfulfilled expectations; lack of rest, exercise, and unhealthy diet; abuse of alcohol, drugs, and sexual engagement; questions regarding vocation, religious beliefs, marital satisfaction, and sexual orientation.

Relentless stress, brought on by a host of such concerns as those listed above will eventually lead to burnout that will be followed ultimately by physical and emotional symptoms of 
dis-integration (words, beliefs, and actions are no longer compatible) and de-containment 
of self (feeling emotionally and intellectually fractured and scattered). The result is a sense that one has lost touch with their core and that they are no longer able to function in a whole, thoughtful, reasonable, responsible, and hopeful fashion.

Although most crises are manifest after an extensive period (sometimes years) of behavior that goes from unregulated stress to burnout, sometimes a crisis can be precipitated from unexpected sources as certain events overwhelm one’s ability to respond in any way other than fight or flight, which are both highly anxious states that preclude thoughtful, constructive, self-affirming, and hopeful measures.

As a clergyman with over twenty-five years of parish experience and collegial care for fellow clergy, I am very aware of the dynamics of clergy in crisis. I offer a confidential, compassionate, encouraging, and hopeful “insider’s perspective” to assist clergy of various religious affiliations in navigation of turbulent times.

An initial free confidential fifteen-minute phone consultation is available for all clergy and professional church workers.