Concierge Services

Home and Office Calls

Some individuals, couples or companies require additional discretion and privacy or convenience beyond what can be offered through an office setting.  For those individuals, off site and additional times beyond office hours are available on a limited basis. For availability and rates, please inquire.

Onsite Performance Hypnosis

In advance of performances, Dr. Hooper will meet with entertainers, speakers, or performers who may feel challenged by a particular venue. When requested, he will meet with them in those places to create a “future memory” of success which they can then rehearse in their minds rather than former limiting beliefs and fears.  Enquire for further information, availability, and rates.

Business Relations Consultations

Think of this service as onsite “marriage counseling” for business partners and executive grade associates. This level of consultation moves beyond “strengths assessments” to examine relational structures and faulty communication patterns within a company’s culture, providing evaluation and education regarding communication and, when necessary, restructuring processes of productivity.

Enquire for further information, availability, and rates.