I work with individuals from the late teen years into old age, as well as couples. And like most therapists, I treat people with depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive, and other disorders of mood or thought. These concerns often manifest in the midst of other broader relational, philosophical, and life challenging situations. Below, I have provided links to six of those many life challenging situations in which I have expertise.

Before you visit the pages linked below, I want to tell you a bit about my approach. In my work with individual, couple, and family counseling, as well as in group consulting, I utilize a psycho-spiritual approach. That means I utilize the precepts of clinical and counseling psychology with the insights of spiritual wisdom to help minimize suffering and maximize wholeness and wellbeing. On the clinical side, I have no interest in assigning a pathology to anyone. You are first and foremost a person, not a diagnosis. On the spiritual side, I have no interest in indoctrinating you into my faith. I do have an interest in assisting you to be awake to what is going on within you, around you, and between you and others, to be thought-full about what you observe, to act with reason and not be reactive, and to be response-able in your choices – all truly spiritual qualities. And I will invite you to learn from ancient archetypal patterns and symbols in myths and sacred writings. With the devout, I sometimes pray. With the agnostic, I invite wonder, awe, and appreciation for all that is life affirming. With Christians, I will engage theological discussion so long as it supports personal transformation and integration to become your truest self.

More about the counseling process and techniques will be found in the links below!