Gay Men Coming Out and Seeking Integration


Dr. Hooper helps you:

  • Experience a deeper & fuller sense of authenticity
  • Address habitual/compulsion related issues that keep you from being fully free
  • Uncover and heal the wounds of shame
  • Acknowledge trauma and recover a relationship with yourself
  • Engage self-affirmation and self-parenting
  • Understand wholeness & wellbeing
  • Navigate the inner personal and interpersonal dimensions unique to the gay community

As a gay man, you have most likely faced one or more of these challenges:

  • You got married to a woman and thought everything would work out fine.
  • You are in conflict with your religious upbringing.
  • Family either does not know or does not accept you as yourself.
  • You’ve spent so much time trying to be someone others want you to be that you do not know who you really are.
  • You keep being disappointed in your relationships with other gay men, and you are tired of being hurt.
  • You have found that your drinking or use of drugs has gotten out of control.
  • Anxiety and depression pulls you down.
  • You struggle with self-image, sometimes even when others are flattering.
  • Sometimes your emotions get the best of you and you feel out of control.
  • If you have children, you have concerns about what to tell them and fears of loosing them.


If you grew up in a situation in which you constantly had to manage the impression of others, you had little time or energy or encouragement to wonder about and explore your own inner experience.

This limitation easily leads to running from any possible rejection, pleasing others to our own detriment, failure to set boundaries for others, and a sense of not really knowing who we are.

As one educated in theology, religion and psychology, I am in the unique position to assist you in understanding and appreciating your personal history and journey, and exploring possible directions before you.

My primary intention is to help you experience a deeper and fuller sense of authenticity, self-affirmation, and wholeness. And navigating the inner personal and interpersonal dimensions unique to the gay community is one area of my expertise.

Dr. Hooper specializes in providing individual and couple counseling for gay and lesbian people, straight women married to gay husbands, conflicted men wrestling with their sexuality, and for individuals considering transitioning (MtF or FtM) and for those detransitioning in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond. He also provides counseling for other members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) communities and their families in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond.

Single gay men, couples, straight wives, and gay husbands in and beyond Nashville seeking compassionate and confidential counseling are encouraged to make an appointment today by calling (615) 485-5923.