So often I hear people say, “What’s wrong with me?!” It’s a valid question. They are not comfortable in their own skin, doubt themselves, try to appear “normal” by checking off a list of socially or self-imposed obligations. But at the end of the day, they feel alienated from themselves and not at home even in their own bodies.

Yes, there is something wrong. Symptoms of distress appear – anxiety over everything, shame for little things said or not said, self-doubt, and occasionally wondering if it might just be easier if one no longer was alive in this world.

The key to addressing “What’s wrong” is to ask the question that addresses the roots, “What happened to me?” It is in the answer to this question that we discover the very roots of patterns of thinking about self, others, and the world around us. We discover the origin of our relationship with ourselves. We reveal the genesis of how we think about and talk to ourselves. The answer to the question of what happened to me will reveal how expectations of self and others was established. With these insights, we can begin to change our relationship with ourselves and others. With this change, this difficult pattern altering change resulting in, “What’s wrong with me?” gets corrected.

We don’t begin with treating the symptoms with simple techniques; we make deep changes by getting to the roots of “what happened”. Then, new and renewing life affirming patterns emerge. And the new question emerges, “How do I foster this new relationship with myself and my world?” The key trauma question is replaced by this affirmation of life question, affirmation of YOUR life!