Recently I was at dinner with a dear friend who encouraged me to take a taste of her kimchi (a fermented cabbage that is a staple of the Korean diet). Though I’d heard of its purported unpleasant aroma, I was delightfully surprised by its zesty and pleasing taste. It will find a place in my refrigerator alongside the Germanic version of my ancestry – sauerkraut.

Fermented vegetables should be a part of our daily diet to support a healthy gut biome. Recent studies have made clear how very important the gut is in the production of neurochemicals necessary for a calm and positive affect.

Our food sources are depleted of soil nutrients and what is grown is often laden with toxic chemicals. And truly, we can taste the difference between organic vegetables grown in healthy soil vs. those grown in hot houses and a slurry of chemicals. That’s why I eat as organic as possible and avoid a major inflammatory element — processed sugar.

Poor nutritional gut support and inflammation are two major culprits on the biological side of experiencing depression and anxiety. What is needed is not more pharmaceuticals, but better nutrition. [If you are on a psychoactive drug DO NOT go off the drug without the supervision of a physician. If you are not on a psychoactive drug, consider better nutrition and nutritional supplementation].

Together with Jen Justus, MSN, APRN, FNP-C. of Brentwood MD, I’m very pleased to offer to my clients and patients a full examination of their nutritional health using advanced blood testing for nutritional markers. It is my approach to examine the existential issues that usually give rise to disorders of thought and mood AND to provide for the biological support of the body to be as physically healthy and functional as possible.

Interested? Let me know and I’ll be happy to share more!

Here’s to your health!