Trauma comes in many forms – witnessing violence, experiencing accidental physical trauma, being victimized by assault physically or/and emotionally, and the slow daily aggressions that come to those raised in environments of abuse and neglect.

One of the most under reported traumas is sexual violence perpetrated against males. Again, considered an underestimate, it can be assuredly stated that one in six males have been victims of sexual abuse. A 2005 study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control report that 16% of all males under 18 years of age have been sexually assaulted, again most likely an underestimate.

Over twenty years ago, I saw my first counselee who was the victim of psychological bullying in a workplace setting. Though not physically touched, he had been intimidated, berated, and physically threatened. Add this scenario on top of former physical violence, and it is understandable how an otherwise competent and diligent happily married adult cisgender heterosexual male can begin to implode.

Sometimes, reality begins to bend as we seek to make sense of what makes no sense. Too often self-incrimination is invoked, “There must be something wrong with me!”

It’s little wonder that trauma and addiction go together. Likewise, relief/healing in one area can bring relief/healing in other areas. The fellowship of a 12-step support group such as AA or Al-Anon (for family and friends of addicts), a church men’s support group, or participation in another group such as the Mankind Project are great resources for general support and relief from isolation. Just reading an article like this one can give us assurance that we are not alone.

For those who would appreciate personal support and an opportunity to work through trauma in therapy, I’m here to listen, reflect, process, and provide some specific education and skills to facilitate healing. I look forward to assisting you.